battery system

battery control diagram


Control room

control room

Mysql Database + PC computer

All camps will be monitor by Control Room. 

There will be installed MYSQL server with WEB based application to monitor all devices: 

  • battery chargers, 
  • energy meters, 
  • dehumidifiers.


Control Room will communicate with Camp by Ethernet network.

control room camp

On the computer will be installed software which will read all data like:

  • battery charger voltage
  • current power consumption, 
  • humidity process values, 
  • set points, 
  • temperature, 
  • vehicle registration number, 
  • type of battery, 
  • schedule time discharging batter y.


All data will be saved on the MYSQL database.

control room mysql

Software will be able to:

  • add spare fields like drivers surname, technical problems,
  • MOT dates,
  • gather historical data like:
    • date of charging, 
    • discharging, 
    • alarm values of humidity 
    • temperature in buildings.


All buildings in camps will be managed by programmable logical controller with 12,1” human.


Operators with special access level will be able to see overview of buildings

battery system overview

Connection between each building will be realised by Modbus TCP/IP protocol (LOCAL AREA NETWORK – CAT5E cable).

Bigger dehumidifiers like VRF2500 (with dedicated PLC) can be connected directly to local area network.